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April 13, 2012

A Mani/Pedi & Easter Candy

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Since I’ve yet to find a suitable nail salon here in Fargo; one that provides both good customer service and quality nail services at a reasonable price, I have resorted to saving my pennies by doing the work myself.  In all honesty I’m pretty picky about how my nails are done, so I have to be fair here and admit I’ll probably never find a salon to make me happy.  Plus the ritual of doing my own nails is a very cathartic and rewarding experience, and who doesn’t like collecting all those fun and interesting polish shades?

So off I trotted last night to find a new fun polish and to replenish my dwindling spa supplies.  After a good ten minutes of debating the perfect shade of gold and silver (I’m going for the ‘molten look’ here, thanks to Sarah P and her silver nails last Friday) I grabbed my other items and headed off to the discount candy isle for a little treat.  I’ve been really good about watching my caloric intake lately and getting a good amount of exercise in each day, so I wanted a little something to reward myself.  I firmly believe that giving yourself little, reasonable, rewards for good behaviour is a great way to continue your motivation and progress.  No one wants to continue a behaviour if there’s no short term reward, right?

Before I even rounded the corner of the candy isle, I prepared myself mentally for the plethora of sugary goodness available.  I made a firm pact that I could have one treat under 110kcals, even though I still had 230kcals for the day to spend.  I headed past the chocolate bunnies and the jelly beans and went straight for the filled chocolate eggs.  I knew there was no way in hell my true desire, a Cadbury egg, would have fewer than one zillion calories, so I was on a hunt for a compromise egg; one with that wonderful chocolate shell and a suitable alternative creamy center.

Peanut butter cream eggs wouldn’t do, flavoured marshmallow fluff eggs couldn’t suit me, either.  I wanted something perfectly chocolatey, perfectly creamy and perfectly gooey all in one.  Finally I found it:  a Russell Stovers chocolate covered marshmallow egg with a caramel center.  I was skeptical, though.  All the other eggs I’d been looking at were 200+kcals per egg- I just knew this perfect little egg would blast away my limit completely.  I scanned the little egg into my calorie counter app on my phone and was shocked and happily surprised to find not only was the egg a mere 110kcals, but the fat content was just 3g!  Happily, I scooped up my little treasure and headed to the cash stand.

The clerk greeted me and made idle small talk about the weather outside until he went to ring up my chocolate egg.

“Wow, after all that time standing there in front of all that candy, all you are getting is this little egg?”

“Well, yes. Anything more I’d have to it work off and I’ve already worked out enough today.”

“Awe, well, working out is overrated and candy tastes so good.”

“Yes, it does, but it still isn’t worth the cellulite. Have a nice night!”

“Yeah you, too.”

A treat is a treat, ya know?  I have worked too hard to get what little success I’ve achieved so far and no amount of chocolate satisfaction is worth losing that success.  I’ll indulge a bit here and there, but gorging myself on Easter candy is not gonna happen.  

Now how I savour and enjoy that little egg when I get home… now that is the real treat.  *cheesy grin*  


July 26, 2009

Who am I?

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Cosmo Gigi Meets Rural Night Life... YAY!

Who am I?

Who am I?  

I’ll just tell you who I am:  I’m a completely random, socially gregarious, pint sized ball-o-fun, Southern Daffodil transplanted to the Arctic Tundra of Moorhead, MN for the only logical and acceptable reason in the world: love.  I uprooted my entire life in Atlanta, GA and drove 18 hrs to spend the rest of my life with the man I’ve loved for nearly 5 years in a town roughly the size of the one I grew up in; Johnson City, TN.  Contained within these pages will be the lively antics of our life together -along with our loveable and precocious 5 year old son, Noam- in this one horse town.  I say “our son” but it has to be admitted there is a baby mamma in the mix that is sure to throw a few hiccups and drama induced laughs in along the way.  So sit back, grab a drink and prepare to be completely amused by how this Southern gal learns to adapt to life in a Northern (flat as a pancake) town.  

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